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"I don't have a gag reflex" Soma Please


A/N: I’ll admit this was a lot of fun. All the prompts feel kinda ridiculous and I love it. NSFW. Well, sort of. Just to be safe. Enjoy and thanks for the prompt!

Maka looked up from her book and at Soul in confusion. “C-could you repeat that?” she asked, pitch rising as she spoke.

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Prompt: Gas station sushi


Instead of writing resbang like I should be doing, I altered a one-shot I wrote for a contest about two years ago to fit with this prompt. It was a spectator challenge and was hosted by TWA on livejournal - so if you were a member there, this might be familiar to you!

That said, I totally cheated again. In any case, I hope you like it wings!


I think it was the way he looked at her - a restless, wild sort of gaze - that began it all. I can’t imagine she minded much in the beginning, he did have beautiful eyes after all. Thick lashes and deep, red eyes that failed to veil the calm, calculating spark and greasy sensuality that lay beneath. 

Of course, it wasn’t just his eyes that were beautiful.

“Christ, Soul! Put on a shirt, will you?”

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For the au meme: Soul and Maka #14??


How in the world did he get sucked into this?

Or more importantly, why the fuck did he even agree to this?

Fucking Blake, that fucking asshole roped him into this.  He needed help with running the kissing booth for his weightlifting team, and decided that Soul was the perfect candidate.  Something about the ladies loving him or some shit.  If Soul helped with the kissing booth for the school’s carnival, the team would surely raise money.  

To his credit, Soul absolutely refused at first.  Why should he help with something he wasn’t even apart of?  And a kissing booth, really?  It would’ve been a huge waste of his time.   

…But then Blake said that a certain green eyed blondie would be there manning some booth for her soccer team and Soul caved.

He wanted nothing more than to go home and sleep right now.  The sun was unbearably hot, there was absolutely no breeze to speak off, and there was a gigantic line full of girls with one dollar bills at the ready.

And no Blake, or anyone else on the weightlifting team for that matter, in sight.

For the past hour, he’s been kissing girls left and right on the cheek (there was only one girl he wanted to actually kiss and she wasn’t even here.  The other girls were just going to have to deal with it.). He was waiting, hopelessly waiting for Maka to show up, but now it was obvious that Blake played him.  He might as well just leave.  It’s not like Blake would care if he left the booth unattended.

He groaned, quickly pecking a brunette in front of him on the cheek.  Yeah, he was done, and now all he wanted to do was wallow in self pity at home where it was air conditioned.

"Fuck this bullshit, the booth is closed!  Thank you for your patience, but you can leave now!"  He was totally and completely unapologetic.  The scowl on his face was pure evidence of this.  

Everyone left, unnerved by the death glare Soul was giving them.  He was pissed, pissed that Blake actually got him to do this, pissed that his “friend” didn’t even show up, and even more pissed that Maka was no where to be seen.

He supposed they had a thing going on.  They’ve been friends for awhile, and they’ve been flirting for even longer.  Soul was hoping that this kissing booth would stir something even more between them.

He slammed his head on the table.  Who was he kidding?  Miss Overachiever Maka Albarn would be too busy helping out with her own booth, she wouldn’t have any time wandering around the carnival.  And even if she did, would she really wait in line for a kissing booth?

Wow, he was an idiot.

"Looking kind of dejected there, Soul."

Maybe idiot wasn’t the correct term at that moment.

He lifted his head, looking up at the girl he’s been waiting for the entire day, smiling at him.  ”Today fuckin’ sucked.  Just want to go home.”

Soul was too elated at the fact that Maka, the beautiful girl wearing her black jersey and matching athletic shorts, was even there to even think about what he was there for in the first place.  God, just her standing there made his day far greater.   

She raised an eyebrow, “A line of girls for you to kiss results in a bad day?”  

He didn’t miss her teasing tone.  Good, that meant she wasn’t mad at him.  A kissing booth wasn’t exactly a thing Maka would approve of.  ”Please, don’t even joke with me.  Blake’s a fucking ass.  Thought you were doing your own booth?”

She shrugged, “We decided to end early because of the heat, and Kim said you were here.”

She paused,a look on her face he couldn’t quite identify.  Soul wanted to rip his hair out because she was sinfully biting her lip in a way that made want to replace those teeth with his own.  She shifted on her heals, rocking back and forth, seemingly contemplating something.

It was at that moment that Soul remembered that he was at a kissing booth.

Maka slowly pulled out a five, her face a weird mixture of seduction and shyness.  ”How much would this get me?”

He glanced down at the bill and smirked.  Well, this turned out better than expected.

"Nah, it’s free of charge."

In one swift motion, he took her face in his hands and kissed her.  After a moment of shock at the sudden act, Maka responded eagerly, a liquid fire burning inhospitable gut, a pure passion that he just can’t describe.  Her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him even more close than he already was.  He couldn’t think about much at the moment, but he did know that he didn’t want this to stop, that he wanted more.

He was going to have to thank Blake after he punched the crap out of him.

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Soma 26


Sex shop, adult bookstore, etc.

I always see people do this meme with Soul being the one going to a sex shop instead of Maka going to an adult bookstore, so that’s what this is. Also nsfw.


Maka had absolutely no idea what she was doing in this particular bookstore.

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SoMa - Biting to stay quiet/public sex


this is for the biting to stay quiet anon as well! 

She actively chose not to stop him. 

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So I've been having a really crappy day... Do you think you could give me soma feels to make it better?


I’m sorry to hear that. :(

Will a fluffy headcanon help? Even if it doesn’t, you’re getting one anyway.

So, Soul and Maka are pretty comfortable in each others’ personal space. Maka’s a fairly affectionate person and all, so she doesn’t think it’s at all weird that Soul is also pretty affectionate nor does she notice that she’s pretty much the only recipient of that affection.

And time goes on and there’s angst and resonance issues and dramatic confessions of undying passion and maybe a little bit of kissing in the rain if we’re going for the full Hollywood effect, and they’re together, right? They’re dating, they’re a couple, they’re head over heels for each other, whatever you wanna call it. And it turns out… Soul is the biggest fucking cuddle slut. Like, holy hell, he is literally incapable of keeping his hands to himself once he has full permission to touch the booty.

But seriously, it’s not even just sexual stuff, either (although that bit’s pretty nice, too). He just loves her a lot and touching her is his favorite way of expressing that. He’s an intensely emotional person and feels things very deeply, his love for her being probably the biggest thing he’s ever felt, but he’s not so good with the words (he gets better as time goes on, he really does, but it’s still not easy), so the best way to show how he feels is just exactly that- to show her. He loves her and wants to be close to her, so he just… takes every opportunity for being close to her. They cuddle on the couch. He always has his arm around her shoulders when they’re out with their friends. Maka’s not entirely sure they actually have separate hands anymore- she thinks they might’ve just fused together, like trees that’ve grown too close together for too long. Soul has never ever passed up an opportunity to hug her and often invents excuses to do so (she finally caught onto his game when he insisted that hugs cured paper cuts).

Maka takes great delight in passing this information on to the girls, who are frankly astonished (at least until they stop to think about it for a minute).


Its been awhile. Nujabes flow and SoMa feels together, it’s like a soul cleansing.


it looks like Haru is taking a selfie here like

"I dropped the cake on the police officer do you think I’ll get arrested lol"

Visual Development from Maleficent by Dylan Cole